welcome back sylvester :: our elf on the shelf

25 November 2010

silly sylvester arrived today...
we're not quite sure how -- perhaps on a sleigh?
we found him among the pumpkins we bought...
with that sly little smile -- a mischievous thought?
we missed his antics when he took his leave...
we wonder what NEW tricks he'll have up his sleeve?
oh, welcome sylvester, we're happy you're here...
you bring so much fun and christmas cheer!

snow :: 2010

23 November 2010

despite the unexpected snowy conditions and the postponing of the minis....my family enjoyed a lovely weekend in the snow!

baby dylan, stayed inside cozy and warm with his grandma...

for next weekend.....let's hope for snow and sunshine and now snow, wind and rain. :)

sneak peek :: the pohl family :: 2010

we may have moved the official santa mini sessions to next weekend due to the snowy weather....but here's an itsy-bitsy sneak peek for the Pohl's who were already up the mountain and braved the weather....:)

sneak peek :: the taylor family :: 2010

14 November 2010

it was a glorious sunny day in so cal.
then....it wasn't.
thanks, taylor family, for not letting the looming storm clouds
{or blustery winds!}
dampen your enthusiasm....
enjoy your sneak!

sneak peek :: the hsu family :: 2010

13 November 2010

hate to blog and run but the clock is ticking! :)

hugs to the hsu family for a fabulous afternoon.....enjoy!

introducing :: baby van

05 November 2010

posts will be short and sweet over the next few weeks.....lots of pics to blog and too little time!
First up, the sweetest little "bug" you've ever seen..........
introducing sweet baby van.

sneak peek :: sweet miss laleh and her mommy & daddy :: 2010

02 November 2010

sweet sweet baby cheeks...I just can't get enough! it was a gloomy day in malibu -- by ca standards -- but this little angel was pure sunshine. thank you, miss laleh {and mom and dad!} for sharing your sweet smiles with me....you were a delight!

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