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24 April 2009

okay. so, i know this is not photography or design related....but i had to share my new favorite etsy find!

while i'm not *always* the best recycler.....and i've been known to leave a load of laundry in the washing machine so long it had to be re-washed....i try each earth day to incorporate at least one new step in becoming a "greener we." last year it was the britta water filter in the fridge, new sigg bottles and reusable market bags. and while the market bags have been a tough transition {if i could just *remember* to bring them with me!} we have eliminated our water bottle use *almost* entirely.

SO...back to my etsy find. :) for 2009 one of my efforts is to cut down on how many *snack bags* we use.....enter my etsy search for "snack bags"..... how cute are these!?!?

visit and never have to throw away another ziploc baggie again!!! now if only she could find a way to remind me to use my reusable shopping bags.........;)

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