three weeks to baby :: the lost photos

03 June 2010

officially {3 weeks} to go before baby {dylan} arrives...can i get a {hallelujah!}

with that said, its been amazing to me how {few} photos of {my own} ever see the light of day. Not to say i don't {shoot} lots of pics...its just that with the hustle and bustle of everything {else} they tend to collect dust in the {family downloads} folder. :) so, along with all the {fabulous} new surprises in store for my {pbkisses} clients -- design and photog -- i'm committing myself to sifting through some family shots AND posting a few {lost} session sneak peaks that never made it to the blog.

up first, my co-worker down the hall.....

she often pops into my office with requests for string cheese and nick jr....but more often than not, can simply be heard chattering away with her menagerie of friends.

my personal favorite :: the afternoon wedding of mr. wiggles {zhu zhu pet} to miss scootaloo {my little pony} witnessed by their pals from {the littlest pet shop}.

Just a few {reminders}....

:: portrait {extravaganza} ends TOMORROW! For detailed information click {here}
:: currently booking for SEPTEMBER! Only a few weekends, if you're planning on a {holiday} shoot please contact me ASAP so we can get you on the calendar.

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