fall 2010 :: what to wear

17 September 2010

your session is booked.
location is set.
now the inevitable question looms....
what to wear?

my first suggestion is ALWAYS to wear what you love. let your kids wear what they love. and SURELY let dad wear what he loves....within reason. :) bottom line is you want your session to feel like {you}....

If your baby girl LOVES to wear tutus....find one that will work with what everyone else is wearing -- or work around the colors in her favorite {tutu outfit}.

If big brother really wants to wear his cowboy boots....we'll make it work!

If dad only wears shorts {although I've been known to ask my darling husband to AT LEAST ditch the camo ones! :)} then go with it.....we want him to be happy, too. :)

But just in case you're looking for some guidance, here are a few looks fall looks for inspiration...

:: where to find :: {dad} old navy shirt {mom} anthro dress {big brother} gymboree {little brother} gymboree

:: where to find :: {dad} old navy shirt {mom} anthro pants/shirt/blazer {big sister} peasant dress {baby sister} peasant dress

:: where to find :: {dad} gap shirt {mom} nordstrom blouse {big brother} crazy 8 {little brother} crazy 8 {baby sister} gap sweater dress

:: where to find ::{big sister} gap outfit {brother} gap outfit {little sister} gap dress

:: where to find :: {big sister} gap outfit {little sister} gap outfit {baby sister} gap outfit

you get the idea. don't be afraid to mix and match...color is your friend -- I promise. :) happy shopping!

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