happy spring ♥ from 2013

01 April 2014

Hello, spring! And with that, i'm a little over due with my 2013 review. :)

I thought about skipping it, but once I started to go through my 2013 client files I just couldn't bare not to show them all a little blog love.

I've, admittedly, been very bad about keeping up with blogging sessions.......I blame Facebook. Having said that, I could not be more gratefull and feel more blessed by all of you who have welcomed me into your homes and trusted me to share in the love of your families.

2014 has already been full of surprises and new faces....I can't wait to see where we end up next Spring. Or maybe I'll shoot for January. :)

Until next time, sending you much love and wishes for a {delightful} spring!

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